NOTE: This guide has been retired and will not be updated further. The information was complete prior to the release of Heavensward, and some data was added since that time. This guide is provided as-is. Special features such as user logins have been disabled for this archived guide.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide

This guide is meant as a resource to find out how to get or make whatever it is you want. Crafters will be especially interested in the recipe breakdowns—scroll down to the bottom of any recipe page to see a customizable chart of all the items you will need for each step of a craft. Of note to high-level gatherers is the Timers page, which shows the current time and when each unspoiled gathering point will appear. You can also cross-reference where all items are gathered or dropped, and which duty rewards are found in which chests!

Timers for unspoiled gathering points as well as daily and weekly resets, all in real time and based on your own time zone.

A selection of specific guides to the mechanics and content found in FFXIV.

A list of the arms and tools used by the classes and jobs of Eorzea.

Quests that you can complete for plot advancement and profit.

The armor of Eorzea, filterable by discipline type or armor slot.

The requirements and results of the crafts of the Disciples of the Hand.

Shields used by Gladiators, Thaumaturges, and Conjurers.

The items gathered by Miners and Botanists.