r M m R Trial Books – 9 shown
Name Monsters Dungeons FATEs Leves
Book of Skyfire I 10 2nd Cohort Hoplomachi, 10 4th Cohort Hoplomachi, 10 5th Cohort Vanguards, 10 Basilisks, 10 Daring Harriers, 10 Giant Loggers, 10 Milkroot Clusters, 10 Shoalspine Sahagin, 10 Synthetic Doblyns, 10 Zanr'ak Pugilists The Lost City of Amdapor
The Stone Vigil
The Tam-Tara Deepcroft
Giant Seps
Make It Rain
The Enmity of My Enemy
An Imp Mobile
Necrologos: Pale Oblation
The Awry Salvages
Book of Skyfire II 10 Biasts, 10 Dullahans, 10 Natalan Boldwings, 10 Raging Harriers, 10 Shelfscale Reavers, 10 Shoaltooth Sahagin, 10 Sylpheed Sighs, 10 Tempered Gladiators, 10 U'Ghamaro Golems, 10 Zahar'ak Archers Brayflox's Longstop
Copperbell Mines (Hard)
The Wanderer's Palace
Air Supply
Breaching South Tidegate
Heroes of the 2nd
Don't Forget to Cry
The Museum Is Closed
Yellow Is the New Black
Book of Netherfire I 10 2nd Cohort Laquearii, 10 Giant Luggers, 10 Gigas Bonzes, 10 Hexing Harriers, 10 Shelfclaw Reavers, 10 Tempered Orators, 10 U'Ghamaro Roundsmen, 10 Wild Hogs, 10 Zahar'ak Fortunetellers Halatali (Hard)
Haukke Manor (Hard)
The Sunken Temple of Qarn
Another Notch on the Torch
Everything's Better
Return to Cinder
Circling the Ceruleum
If You Put It That Way
One Big Problem Solved
Book of Skyfall I 10 2nd Cohort Equites, 10 Amalj'aa Lancers, 10 Giant Readers, 10 Lake Cobras, 10 Magitek Vanguards, 10 Mudpuppies, 10 Sea Wasps, 10 Shelfscale Sahagin, 10 Sylphlands Sentinels, 10 U'Ghamaro Quarrymen Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
Copperbell Mines
Dzemael Darkhold
Quartz Coupling
The King's Justice
Circling the Ceruleum
Go Home to Mama
Necrologos: Whispers of the Gem
Book of Skyfall II 10 4th Cohort Laquearii, 10 5th Cohort Hoplomachi, 10 Gigas Bhikkhus, 10 Iron Tortoises, 10 Keds, 10 Natalan Watchwolves, 10 Sapsa Shelfscales, 10 Shelfeye Reavers, 10 Sylph Bonnets, 10 U'Ghamaro Bedesmen Amdapor Keep
Haukke Manor (Hard)
The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
Black and Nburu
Breaching North Tidegate
Breaking Dawn
Get Off Our Lake
Someone's in the Doghouse
The Area's a Bit Sketchy
Book of Netherfall I 10 4th Cohort Secutores, 10 5th Cohort Laquearii, 10 Amalj'aa Brigands, 10 Gigas Sozu, 10 Ixali Windtalons, 10 Lesser Kalongs, 10 Sapsa Shelfclaws, 10 Snow Wolves, 10 U'Ghamaro Priests, 10 Violet Screeches Cutter's Cry
Pharos Sirius
The Lost City of Amdapor
Rude Awakening
The Ceruleum Road
The Four Winds
Got a Gut Feeling about This
Subduing the Subprime
Who Writes History
Book of Skywind I 10 2nd Cohort Secutores, 10 5th Cohort Equites, 10 Ahrimans, 10 Amalj'aa Thaumaturges, 10 Elite Roundsmen, 10 Hippogryphs, 10 Natalan Windtalons, 10 Sapsa Elbst, 10 Sylpheed Snarls, 10 Trenchtooth Sahagin Halatali (Hard)
The Aurum Vale
Good to Be Bud
In Spite of It All
Big, Bad Idea
Someone's Got a Big Mouth
Subduing the Subprime
Book of Skywind II 10 4th Cohort Signiferi, 10 5th Cohort Signiferi, 10 Amalj'aa Archers, 10 Dreamtoads, 10 Elite Priests, 10 Gigas Shramanas, 10 Natalan Fogcallers, 10 Sapsa Shelfteeth, 10 Watchwolves, 10 Zahar'ak Battle Drakes Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)
Copperbell Mines (Hard)
Haukke Manor
Tower of Power
What Gored Before
Necrologos: Pale Oblation
Put Your Stomp on It
The Bloodhounds of Coerthas
Book of Skyearth I 10 2nd Cohort Signiferi, 10 5th Cohort Secutores, 10 Amalj'aa Scavengers, 10 Axolotls, 10 Elite Quarrymen, 10 Hapalits, 10 Ixali Boldwings, 10 Natalan Swiftbeaks, 10 Violet Sighs, 10 Zahar'ak Pugilists Amdapor Keep
Pharos Sirius
The Big Bagoly Theory
The Taste of Fear
Don't Forget to Cry
Necrologos: The Liminal Ones
No Big Whoop